Terrariums Make Beautiful DIY Gifts

Last-minute gifts don’t have to require a frantic trip to the mall.  Chances are, you can find everything you need at your local garden-supply store, or even already in your home.

Terrariums are simple to make, easy to care for, and fit into any size room. All you need is a clear glass container (wide mouth is best as it makes it easier to fill), small pebbles, succulent and cactus potting soil, succulents and cacti in various shapes and sizes, white sand, a spoon, and any special decorations you desire.  If you are making these with kids, get smooth succulents rather than prickly cacti.

  • Fill container with small rocks.  This helps with drainage.
  • Add potting soil to about 2 1/2 inches or so (enough for the plants to take root).  Allow about 1 plant per inch of your container’s diameter.
  • Starting with the biggest plant first, make a small hole in the soil and place it inside, then pat the soil around the plant to anchor it.  Add the rest of the plants.  Enjoy making the arrangement – this is your design!
  • Add about 1/4 inch later of  sand on the top. Now you can add some small rocks and other decorations to make it truly unique.  You can make it elegant, whimsical – your only limit is your imagination.

This is a fun project to do with kids, too!  Who knows, maybe this will spark a budding career as a landscape designer!