Landsystems in the Community

At Landsystems, we believe in the importance of community. Over the years, Landsystems has worked with different small business around the Peninsula, mostly schools.  We have donated our time and resources to help beautify school grounds and create learning tools like teaching gardens for the students.
Having been in business in North Fair Oaks for over 30 years, we continue to foster our partnership with the North Fair Oaks Forward organization and the County of San Mateo. We are one of the known businesses in the community, and a few years ago we worked with our District Manager to have a “Park(ing) Day.” We took a couple of parking spaces along Middlefield Road and created a pop-up “park”, inviting our community to relax and get to know one another in a beautiful green space.  For more on this project:
Moving forward, we are branching out of the small projects and we are now working on a larger project in North Fair Oaks in San Mateo County, to improve the underpass on 5th ave, under the Caltrain tracks. The goal is to make this a more safe, and friendly environment for the community with lights, color and planting!
We are thrilled to have been elected as the Lead Architect and Construction business on this project.
We are so happy the County reached out to us, and thought we would be a great member of this wonderful team that will make this community a better place.
Together with with representatives from the community, the County of San Mateo, Parks, and County Manager’s Office, Department of Public Works, Office of Community Affairs, and the North Fair Oaks Public Artworks group there are alot of creative minds that are going to be put together to make this a reality.