Conserving Water Doesn’t Mean Goodbye Grass

We understand that you want to lower your water bill, while doing your part for the environment by reducing water usage. This is a good direction to go in! However, sometimes people think that this means that they need to rip out their old grass and replace it with hardscape, but there is another solution.

When most people think of lawn, they think of the old type of turf that needs constant tending in the form of mowing and watering.  There are other types of grass, and one of these is fescue (any grass of the genus Festuca) which is both lush and easy-care.  Planting fescue instead of turf results in having what is called a “no mow” lawn, which is drought-tolerant and easy-care (and we happen to think it looks great!).

What’s more, some counties even offer rebate programs for replacing your old lawns to save water:

Redwood City&Mid-Pennisula:
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