Time to Plan, not Plant

As we head into the “dog days” of summer, the soil is dry, which is not the ideal time to install new plantings.

This is an ideal time to work on the PLANNING stages of your garden!

At Landsystems, we offer a free consultation so that we can figure out the best plan to suit your home and needs.  Once it’s agreed upon, we can start the design process.

Our team starts with a conceptual plan which becomes the critical communication piece of the first phase of the project. We can work with the client’s base plan (the house located on the property, with the property lines), or develop one if needed.

We offer a flat rate price for the conceptual plan, which includes three revisions, a preliminary budget, and visits to material yards and other applicable project sites. This is unique to our industry, as most landscape architects charge by the hour.

At the end of the conceptual plan phase (which usually takes about three-four weeks), the client has a plan that they are completely satisfied with, as well as a detailed understanding of their estimated budget for the construction of the project.

Sound good?  Let’s get PLANNING!